Belgian waffles

This is a place where you can order true Belgian waffles made by Liege born and raised people. These waffles named Liege waffles or ‘Gaufres de Liege’ are the delicious sugary waffles that are so popular in Belgium and sold in every corner as a to-go food.

Because we know how to do them well, you will not be disappointed. We use the best ingredients including the Belgian pearl sugar that we import from Belgium. We also use high temperature professional waffle irons

  • Waffles ordered during week days are made the following Monday and shipped the next day, Tuesday.
  • Our waffles are shipped fresh (not frozen), wrapped to keep their freshness.

Fresh Liege waffles.

Pack of 5 or 10 waffles.

Made by true Belgian people from Liege!

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Homemade Belgian Waffles or buying from Market: Which one is better?

Belgian Waffles, a large size waffles which is known for the lighter batter, larger squares, beautiful grid pattern which make deep pockets, they are one of their kind and are really different as compared to the other waffles that are available in the market. The local waffles that we see, which are manufactured by any number of local companies are not like the Belgian Waffles, they are very small, they are less crunchy, they have small boxes, they are as broad as a biscuit, but when it comes to Belgian Waffles, they are totally opposite, they are huge, they are delicious and this is what makes the Belgian Waffles famous in most of the parts of the world. You can get the Belgian Waffles from the shops (bakery shops) and you can also make Belgian Waffles at home. Now, it is up to you that if you want to make them at home or if you want to buy them directly because you cannot afford the time needed in making them. If you want to buy it, you can simply approach a nearby shop and buy them for you and can have them, but if you want to make them. You need to have few things. First and the most important thing is buying the Belgian Waffle maker. There are a lot of companies that are making Belgian Waffle makers.

You just need to choose from the given companies and the varieties and range they offer in various Belgian Waffle makers. You can also seek help from various forums, particularly the home appliances forums; they can guide you better on the best Belgian Waffle makers. You will get to know that which one has best of the features and has least of the price if compared to the others that are available in the market. Even after reading the discussion, you will find that if the product is costlier than the others and if it is better than the regular models and also if there is point in spending on that. Sometimes spending money is not important but the thing that is the most important is the quality, warranty, how solid the thing is and if it is worth buying.

So, after choosing on the Belgian Waffles maker, you must now know the recipe of making it and all the ingredients which are important in making Belgian Waffles. You can easily find the recipe for making Belgian Waffles online and can also experiment on two to three recipes. There are plenty of recipe blogs and websites online which provide you with tips that how you can make the Belgian Waffles best so that they become as tasty as you get the readymade from shops. So, it is easy, you can make the Belgian Waffles yourself and you can also buy them from the market. But, the most important point is that what should you prefer buying the Belgian Waffles or making them?
Now, there are few things which can help you decide that whether you should go for buying Belgian Waffles or making Belgian Waffles at home. So, first think that if you can afford the expenditure of buying a Belgian Waffles maker, because obviously a machine is going to cost some money and hence you should have some extra cash in your budget, so that you can buy it, but if you are cannot manage the extra cash from the budget, then there is no chance of buying Belgian Waffles maker. The best option here is to just walk to the market and buy it readymade.

Another thing that is the most important is that have you ever been into the cooking thing? Is yes, you can surely try Belgian Waffles recipe and make it at home after buying the Belgian Waffles maker. But, if you are not a cooking person, then you should not spend your money and time, as it will be a total waste, start from the basics of cooking and then come to Belgian Waffles as making Belgian Waffles is an art and it requires a little science to.

If you have actually tasted the home made Belgian Waffles or if you have someone who knows how to make it, then you can seek their help that is what friends are for. You must know a secret that the homemade Belgian Waffles are more tasty and hygienic than those that you get from the market. You will also realize that the amount that you spend in buying the Belgian Waffles, you can at home make twice the amount for the same amount of money. So, this is actually not a bad deal, make Belgian Waffles at home and enjoy the waffles that are more tasty and hygienic.

Even you can make Belgian Waffles at home whenever you like, once you know the recipe also know that it is easy to make and you can make the Belgian Waffles again and again, even if you feel like having them on a day having a bad weather, just make them, no need to run in the rain to the market. If you are expecting guests at home, you can make delicious Belgian Waffles and can present these tasty and crunchy waffles in front of them, if will save time and you will be able to save a lot of money, as you can make twice the amount of Belgian Waffles in the same amount of money as compared to buying readymade Belgian Waffles from outside. So, it is not a bad deal.

Even if you ask people on various forums, you will come to know that people prefer homemade Belgian Waffles, as they are fresh; you can make them at home and can decorate it with ice creams and fruits like strawberry, the most delicious combination. You will love to make them again and again. So, you should actually prefer making it at home, so that you cook it whenever you feel like and enjoy the delicious Belgian Waffles.